Grace Sacramental

Red Sacramental Wine

Red Sacramental Wine

Varietal: Ruby Cabernet

Appellation: Western Cape
Trellising: Vertical shoot positioning (VSP)
Soil Type: Sandy Loam
Alcohol: 15.0 %
TA: 4.81  g/lt
SO2: 54 parts per million
pH: 3.55
RS: 76.2  g/L
UPC: 6009679890145



Situated in Kys Halte, 5 km from the town of Vredendal, Stellar Winery is the largest producer of fine organic wines in South Africa. The privately owned cellar makes use of a semi-arid climate, unrivalled refrigeration capacity and extensive in-house engineering skills to produce modern, organic fair trade wines.  In addition to conventional organic wine (with added sulphur dioxide), Stellar produces a range of organic wines made without the addition of sulphur dioxide – one of the few wineries in the world to do so. In fact, the cellar is the world leader in the production of these wines. Our Grace sacramental wines were approved for communal use by Catholic Priest, Angus Aloysius.

Fair Trade is an international system of standards for producers, and terms of trade for their goods that ensure farmers and workers in some of the poorest countries in the world are adequately protected and can build a more sustainable future. Stellar is certified for fair trade and social responsibility by IMO Fair for Life

A port-style natural sweet wine with flavors of stewed peach, fruitcake and cherry tobacco.

Along the Olifants river valley on the West coast, between the town of Trawal (Stellar) and Vredendal.  Pristine weather for organic viticulture with an annual average temperature of  77° F and less than 7 days of cloud cover. Total annual rain fall of less than 8” but unlimited water from an aqueduct for irrigation.  30 – 68 meters above sea level. Over 900 snail-eating ducks are the only pesticides allowed.

Our hand picked Ruby Cabernet grapes are cooled to to 0°C before de-stemming and crushing. This allows us to achieve a “cold soak” for a few days before fermentation starts. The low temperatures take the place of SO2 in inhibiting the growth of wild yeast and bacteria. Natural fermentation takes place in stainless steel by controlled temperature increases to 26°C for a further 80 – 95 days. All pump-overs done by inert gas and gravity. Bottling with latest technology and onsite ingenuity.